TRANSNORM Sorting Modules (TSM) Delivering future-proof sorting solutions
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Transnorm Sorting Modules

Key Features and Benefits

  • Flexible, scalable sortation solutions
  • Positive environmental footprint
  • Clearly defined controls
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Plug and Play – easy to install, adapt, extend and replicate
  • Standardized integrated modules with optional reversibility
  • Reliable and Robust TRANSNORM quality

TSM - in Detail

Function Overview

News and References

  • Parcel+Post Expo 2019 - TRANSNORM

    Parcel+Post Expo 2019 - TRANSNORM

    Looking to reduce conveyor installation time and cost?

    Look no further…

  • Honeywell completes acquisition of TRANSNORM

    Honeywell completes acquisition of TRANSNORM

    Strengthens Honeywell’s warehouse automation portfolio and positions the company to support growing European e-commerce market. Broadens Honeywell’s...


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