InterAirport Europe 2019 - TRANSNORM

Delivering efficient baggage handling solutions at airports through a high quality modular product portfolio has been the role of Transnorm for 50 years. The reliability and stability of its best-in-class standardized modules maximises productivity and performance whilst maintaining overall ease of maintenance.

Given increased globalisation and a demand for future-proofing, Transnorm functional conveyors remain as popular as ever and can be found throughout over 300 airports worldwide, including each of the top 30.  As the worldwide leader in belt curves, evidenced by the more than 140,000 belt curve modules at installations spanning new builds, expansions and renovations.

Trusted amongst industry professionals, end users and system integrators, the market leading belt curve is renowned for its longevity and low energy consumption, becoming synonymous with Transnorm.

At InterAirport Europe 2019 in Munich there will be a range of operational demonstrations and visual presentations of this as well as other leading modules as innovation and product portfolio refinement continues apace.

Recognised as the most reliable on the market, Transnorm’s Belt Curves and angled Belt Merges feature optimum power transmission for dependable operation and quiet running.

Knowhow amassed, through 50 years of listening and learning; we help customers to overcome the daily challenges faced at Airports. With baggage handling a key element in the passenger experience, it is rightly looked upon as one of the most critical areas for customer satisfaction.  Predictive maintenance and other new solutions within the function-specific modular range means that in 2019, Transnorm is positioned to offer its most comprehensive Airport product portfolio ever.