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Key Features and Benefits

  • Flexible, scalable sortation solutions
  • Positive environmental footprint
  • Clearly defined controls
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Plug and Play – easy to install, adapt, extend and replicate
  • Standardized integrated modules with optional reversibility
  • Reliable and Robust TRANSNORM quality

TSM - in Detail

Market Demands

Market Demands

Parcel throughput volumes are rising, next day delivery and exponential growth in global e-commerce has led to high competition in the Parcel sector. With global parcel market revenue, now exceeding $200 billion annually – Posts seek optimal, efficient operation at sites and a drive towards increased automation. 

Our Solution

Our Solution

A plug and play modular portfolio, easy to install, adapt, extend and replicate – TRANSNORM Sorting Modules (TSM) will provide CEP sites with flexible, scalable sortation solutions.  Underpinning TSM and the key of any layout is the SmartSort® LineSplitter.  Reliable and robust, it is capable of quickly and accurately handling even the smallest dispatch bags or cardboard boxes, operating at extremely low switching times allowing parcels to be diverted with considerably reduced distances separating them. Often times there is either a shortage of space or cost to install and operate a sorter on site, yet there is still a necessity to sort a high throughput volume – this is the gap in the market where the TSM excels, now including the loading/unloading functions provided by SOVEX.

How does it work?

How does it work?

With the use of a single TSM LineSplitter, throughput of up to 6,000 pph is attainable – providing a solution and degree of automation to a sort without the initial investment and space required to install a sorter. 

When seeking multiple outfeeds whether they are chutes, loading telescopic boom conveyors or gravity run offs; multiple TSM Linesplitters, featuring no complex control input will offer a functional application.  Effective in facilitating a single divert solution to a line it provides gentle product handling.   

Lastly, several Linesplitters can be incorporated into a layout with collective controls implemented to form a modular application subsystem to intelligently deliver on a higher defined throughput requirement – anticipated to be its most intelligent usage. 

TSM Practical Application

TSM Practical Application

Designed independently of one another to perform a specific function, the modular components comprised within TSM now encompass each process required at smaller Posts or express sites.  TSM covers unloading, linesplitting, merging, alignment, timing and loading functions.  These modules are scalable and standardised working in harmony to compliment the adjacent module. 

A modular portfolio can be tailored to provide a solution, subsystem or wider layout catering to throughput requirements and space available within the facility. Highly adaptable dependant on the requirement – it is common to use the in-built flexibility change a floorplan during peak season or for a particularly busy shift.

The Outcome

The Outcome

TRANSNORM Sorting Modules (TSM) is an easy to install, high performance plug and play solution with layouts easily adapted, extended and replicated. Proving popular amongst CEP sites, the synergy of standardized modules forms a flexible, scalable sortation solution designed to overcome the 21st century challenges faced by smaller sites. 

Clearly defined controls offer Express, Courier and smaller sorting centres with intelligent reversible functionality. TRANSNORM’s Parcel specific product portfolio, when used together within a TSM layout heightens efficiency and maximises space optimisation.  This whilst handling the increased throughput demand, ease of installation and short delivery time. 

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