TRANSNORM Timing Belt Conveyor – Accumulation, Timing and closing the Product Gap

TRANSNORM Standard belt conveyors are deployed in Intralogistics applications as a Timing Belt Conveyor wherever accurate timing is required for feeding goods to be conveyed with high performance and speed. They are also characterised by high conveyor speeds based on smooth running and low wear and tear during operation.

TRANSNORM Timing Belt Conveyors provide the following benefits

  • Exact timing of loads at high speed
  • Particularly gentle product handling with sensitive goods for transport
  • Low noise development even at high speeds of conveyance
  • No slippage between the goods being conveyed and the transport level
  • Adaptation is exact to the millimetre in the running of the system
  • Low maintenance
  • Drive pulley with wear-proof friction cover

Fields of Application

  • Distribution centres, logistics and parcel service providers, Baggage Handling Systems
  • Sorting lines and outgoing/incoming Loops, packaging and palletting lines
  • Connectivity production lines, labelling, box closers, palleting systems etc.

Performance data* of TRANSNORM Timing Belt Conveyors

Conveyor speedup to 2.0 m/sup to 400 FPM 
Weight load up to 50 kg/mup to 34 lbs/ft
Nominal widthup to 1,000 mmup to 40"
Conveyor lengthup to 6,000 mmup to 336"

*Specifications other than these are available on request