SOVEX Roller Vehicle Loaders on Traversing Rails – for facilities seeking loading functionality coupled with the ability to serve more than one loading bay

SOVEX Roller Vehicle Loaders can be mounted onto either raised or sunken rails at a facility.  thus traverse between predetermined boundaries to serve multiple docks with a single vehicle loader.  With all of the features and benefits of the standard Roller Vehicle Loader, the Traversing option leads to a more flexible perimeter of a premises; freeing up space and access to dock doors for necessary other functions such as movement of forklifts, roll cages and pallet trucks.

SOVEX Roller Vehicle Loaders on Traversing Rails provides the following benefits

  • Increased flexibility and functionality at loading bays / dock doors
  • Simple and safe traversing of vehicle loaders through motorised movement controls
  • Cost effective solution enabling the use of multiple docks with a single vehicle loader
  • Rail length, positioning and proximity sensors configurable to suit site properties
  • Provides increased upside to SOVEX Roller Vehicle Loaders without large additional costs
  • Positioned on a decline for gravity operation and  cost effectiveness
  • Reduces vehicle turnaround time by around 30%
  • Minimises manual handling by up to 30%
  • Designed with strategically located, front boom controls
  • Safe and easy to service and maintain through strategically located access panels

Fields of Application

  • Parcel sorting hubs, smaller distribution centres and 3PL facilities
  • Specialising in loading vehicles with boxed goods and flat bottomed items, also capable of conveying loose loads, parcels and totes
  • Particularly suitable for flexible site layouts with different functions at the loading bay –
    namely movement of roll cages and palletised goods on forklifts and pallet trucks
  • Sites and loading bays where loading is the primary function

Performance Data of the SOVEX Roller Vehicle Loader on Traversing Rails

Extend / Retract Time60 seconds from fully extended to fully retracted
Transportation DirectionLoading Only
Transportation SpeedGravity
Load Capacity50 kg/m34 lb/ft
Closed Length7,500 mm24.60 ft
Extended Length15,000 mm49.20 ft
Roller Width800 / 1,000 mm2.62 / 3.28 ft
Top of Roller Heightmin. 1,810 mm  min. 5.93 ft