TRANSNORM Roller Merge – Contactless merging with high performance and speed

When it comes to merging two input lines with high throughput and without the loads making contact with anything then you need to deploy the TRANSNORM Roller Merge. The loads to be transported run through the Roller Merge without making contact with the guide elements on the sides and this therefore prevents very flat goods, such as envelopes or film packages, from becoming jammed below the lateral guides.

The TRANSNORM Roller Merge provides the following benefits

  • Contactless merging of even very flat goods such as envelopes or film packages
  • Large range of products based on the low roller diversion of 57 mm
  • Timing operation is possible to some extent in the design using rubberised rollers

Fields of Application

  • Merging two input lines in a parcel and distribution centres

Performance data* of the TRANSNORM RollerMerge 

Performance up to 6,000 pcs/h up to 6,000 pcs/h
Conveyor speed up to 2 m/s up to 400 FPM
Weight load up to 50 kg/m up to 34 lbs/ft
Nominal width up to 1,200 mm up to 47"

* Specifications other than these are available on request

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