TRANSNORM SmartSort® – Crossing, merging or diverting lines in the high-performance segment

Whenever parcels that must flow at high speed and with accuracy need to be crossed and/or diverted, the TRANSNORM SmartSort® Line merging or crossing units are deployed. This standardised TRANSNORM solution bids farewell to conveyor-related "bottlenecks" in which cardboard boxes, bins or soft barrels of different sizes and properties can be distributed with extremely small distances between successive items to be conveyed.

TRANSNORM SmartSort® Line Crossing Units provides the following benefits

  • Crossing or merging operations in the high-performance segment even with sensitive goods to be conveyed
  • Goods to be transported can be relocated in the right position on the destination conveyor in parallel
  • Very low clearances between successive pieces of goods to be conveyed by individual control of the swivel bars and shortest switching times
  • Can be optionally adapted to alternating conveyance tasks
  • Extremely compact with no projecting components
  • Electrical or pneumatic swivel wheels

Fields of Application

  • Distribution centres of trade business, logistics providers and parcel services
  • Goods collecting and dispatch lines in mail order business
  • Packing and palletising lines
  • Dry areas of food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Loads: cartons, bins, trays, bundles, soft bundles

Performance data of the SmartSort® Line Crossing/ Distribution Unit

Line diversionup to 7,000 pcs/h up to 7,000 pcs/h
Line crossing or mergingup to 6,000 pcs/h up to 6,000 pcs/h
Conveyor speedup to 2 m/sup to 400 FPM
Load weightup to 50 kg/m up to 34 lbs/ft