TRANSNORM Roller Function Conveyors with roller drive – Flexible and efficient sorting solution for Intralogistics

TRANSNORM Roller Function Conveyors are based on 24V technology and offer flexible and efficient options for sorting solutions with average throughput capacities up to 1,800 pcs/h. The key characteristic is the consistent and continuous classification of all assemblies such that not only several combinations but even subsequent adaptations on modified goods to be conveyed are possible.

TRANSNORM Roller Function Conveyors with Roller Drive provide the following benefits

  • Standardised, economical solution
  • Complete reversibility
  • Compact / flat design and construction
  • Driven via motorised rollers (24V technology)
  • Only low installed electric power is necessary
  • Low wear and tear and maintenance-friendly
  • Extremely low-noise operation
  • Subsequent adjustments can be made quickly and easily

Fields of Application

  • Distribution centres of retailers, logistics service providers and parcel services
  • Sorting lines in box and container conveyor systems as well as packaging and palletizing lines
  • Connectivity to labelling, box closers, palletizing systems etc.
  • Connectivity of production lines and outgoing/incoming loops in pre-storage zones
  • Typical conveyor loads: boxes, containers, trays and unit loads with a surface suitable for rollers

Performance data of Roller Function Conveyors with Roller Drive

Sorting capacityup to 1,800 pcs/hup to 1,800 pcs/h
Conveyor speedup to 1.5 m/sup to 300 FPM
Weight loadup to 50 kg/m up to 34 lbs/ft
Nominal widthup to 1,000 mm up to 40"
Outfeed angle90° 90°
Roller motor24V 24V