High outfeed and sorting performance with TRANSNORM Roller Function Conveyor with Central Drive

With the help of the TRANSNORM Roller Function Conveyors with a central drive you can achieve very high sorting performance with solutions that are energy-efficient and can be configured in a flexible manner. In conjunction with destination tracks arranged on one side or both sides and upstream TRANSNORM Timing Conveyors for gap formation, a complete sorting solution can be designed very quickly.

TRANSNORM Roller Function Conveyors with Central Drive provide the following benefits

  • High sorting performance with a high degree of energy efficiency at the same time (e.g. 1 drive for 10 metres of conveyor route and seven outfeed stations)
  • Complete reversibility
  • Precise - and even subsequent - adaptation to the goods being conveyed is easily possible as and when desired
  • Uniformly high power transfer on the rollers
  • Extremely low-noise operation
  • Electrical or pneumatic swivel wheels
  • Reverse operation possible

Fields of Application

  • Sorting lines in conveyor systems for cardboard boxes and containers
  • Packaging and pallet handling lines
  • Distribution centres of dealers, logistics, service providers and packing services
  • Dry zones of the food and pharmaceuticals industry
  • Printing and paper industry

Performance data of the TRANSNORM Roller Function Conveyors with Central Drive

Sorting capacityup to 7,000 pcs/h up to 7,000 pcs/h
Conveyor speedup to 2 m/sup to 400 FPM
Load weightup to 50 kg/m up to 34 lbs/ft
Nominal widthsup to 800 mm up to 32"
Outfeed angle30°/ 45°/ 90° 30°/ 45°/ 90°
Central drive400 V 400 V