SmartSort® LineSplitter - Dividing lines reliably in the high-performance range

With the SmartSort® LineSplitter TRANSNORM is providing a standardised industrial solution to end users and integrators from the parcel and distribution segment that are seeking line distribution (e.g. a sorter feeding system) in the high-end performance. Heterogeneous goods to be transported including dispatch bags or smaller cardboard boxes can be distributed reliably with a peak performance of up to 7,000 units per hour. Moreover, considerably reduced distances between the individual parcels are possible as a result of the extremely low line switching times. Another advantage lies in gentle product handling: The goods being conveyed pass through the LineSplitter without making contact with lateral guide elements.

The TRANSNORM LineSplitter offers the following benefits

  • Line splitting in the high-performance segment even with sensitive and heterogeneous goods to be conveyed
  • Greatly reduced clearances between the goods being conveyed thanks to extremely low switching times
  • Gentle product handling
  • Extremely compact with no projecting components
  • Can be adapted optionally to alternating splitting tasks
  • Complete reversibility
  • Electrical or pneumatic swivel wheels

Fields of Application

  • Line splitting for feeding to sorter units in parcel and distribution centres
  • Conveyed goods: Cardboard boxes, boxes, soft packages and courier bags

Performance data of the TRANSNORM LineSplitter

Line splittingup to 7,000 pcs/h up to 7,000 pcs/h
Conveyor speedup to 2 m/sup to 400 FPM
Weight loadup to 50 kg/pcs up to 110 lbs/pcs
Nominal widthsup to 900 mm up to 36"
Discharge angle30°/ 45°30°/ 45°