TRANSNORM Lifting Belt Transfer Unit - A proven and reliable distribution module

The TRANSNORM Lifting Belt Transfer Unit is a fast and reliable method of feeding or discharging loads from powered roller tracks at speeds up to 1200 units per hour.

TRANSNORM Lifting Belt Transfer Unit offers the following benefits

  • Proven and reliable distribution module
  • Capable of careful product handling
  • Simple line merging / dividing 1 into 3 and 3 into 1
  • Standard economical solution
  • Easily adapted to new and existing layouts
  • Works well with many other Transnorm modules

Fields of Application

  • Box and bin conveyor systems
  • Order picking and despatch systems
  • Goods In and despatch areas
  • Connecting and integrating of production areas
  • Handling flat based loads suitable for roller conveyors, such as bins, boxes, trays and batched products

Performance data of TRANSNORM Lifting Belt Transfer Units

Conveyor speed up to 0.75 m/sup to 150 FPM
Weight loadup to 35 kg up to 77 lb
Nominal widthsup to 800 mm up to 32"
Lifting belt centres 115 ... 300 mm 4.5" ... 12"
Outfeed performanceup to 1,200 pcs/h up to 1,200 pcs/h