SOVEX Bendy Boom Vehicle Loader – suitable for loading and unloading vans, lorries and containers

The award winning SOVEX Bendy Boom has a front boom which declines to -25° and also extends up to 15 metres into a trailer. The SOVEX Bendy Boom can load or unload 1200 parcels per hour from vans, lorries and containers up to 45ft. Providing extreme flexibility, this patented SOVEX Vehicle Loader can be easily integrated with ancillary conveyors. Designed to minimise Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), the operator can select the correct ergonomic height of the boom to suit their operation.

*Winner of the Design and Innovation Award 2012

SOVEX Bendy Boom provides the following benefits

  • Load and unload trailers and transit vans using the same dock and machine
  • Ergonomic height adjustment through an articulating 1.8m front boom, declining to -25°
  • Retracts into a compact footprint providing clear access to front of machine
  • Reduces vehicle turnaround time by up to 30%
  • Minimises manual handling by up to 30%
  • Designed with strategically located, front boom controls
  • Safe and easy to service and maintain through strategically located access panels

Fields of Application

  • Parcel sorting hubs, smaller distribution centres and 3PL facilities
  • Sites where loading and unloading functions are equally important
  • Modular functionality enabling seamless integration with ancillary equipment
  • Ideal for loose loads, parcels, boxed goods, tyres, totes and large unconventionally shaped items

Performance Data of the SOVEX Bendy Boom

Extend / Retract Time60 seconds from fully retracted to fully extended and vice-versa
Transportation DirectionLoading and Unloading
Transportation Speed30 m/min98.42 ft/min
Load Capacity50 kg/m34 lb/ft
Closed Length6,000 … 7,500 mm19.69 … 24.61 ft
Extended Length12,000 … 15,000 mm37.37 … 49.21 ft
Belt Width600 / 8001.96 / 2.62 ft
Top of Belt Heightmin. 850 mm  min. 2.62 ft