TRANSNORM has high performance standards on a global level for Intralogistics

Transnorm - CeMat 2016

True to its corporate philosophy "Global Excellence for Intralogistics", TRANSNORM SYSTEM GmbH will be showcasing its products to visitors at the CeMAT international trade fair (Hall 27, Stand G 29).

In doing so, the focus will be on conveyor equipment modules and solutions for the industry that are customised specifically to intralogistics applications for end customers and system integrators.

With the help of this range, TRANSNORM succeeds in meeting the stringent practical requirements with regard to quality, reliability, maintenance-friendliness and it considers such requirements imperative for efficient system networking. All of these aspects - which ensure efficient and cost effective system operation - therefore merge almost seamlessly with the leading theme at CeMAT: "Smart Supply Chain Solutions". In this manner, an important contribution is being made in regard to increasing automation and the current trend towards optimally designed and networked international supply chains. In this context, TRANSNORM offers modules and solutions that achieve maximum efficiency with diverse requirements to its end customers and system integrators operating globally. In the process, the events of innovation at TRANSNORM are driven, among other things, by the demand for constantly growing Internet-based trade, the requirements for error-free picking systems and expeditious scheduling for dispatch in distribution and parcel distribution centres, as well as the implementation of energy-efficient system operation.

Examples of where modules and solutions from the product range of TRANSNORM are deployed include sorting and distribution systems for containers and cartons in industry, trade and distribution centres. Based on this wide range of applications, system integrators and end users are able to deliver industry-optimised key components for intralogistics that are customised to meet the respective requirements.

The special features of TRANSNORM products include a long service life and good performance as well as a high degree of reliability for the transport of even very sensitive goods. In addition, the ease of integrating the modules and subsystems enables expeditious system implementation. To sum things up, these are important prerequisites for mastering complex and highly automated material flow tasks for intralogistics on a global level.

The product portfolio is supplemented ideally by loading and unloading modules of Sovex Ltd. belonging to the TRANSNORM Group. The telescopic conveyors of SOVEX are deployed primarily in parcel and distribution centres.

The TRANSNORM Group is one of the leading global manufacturers of high performance modules for container and carton conveyor equipment, as well as for parcel and airport baggage handling systems. Over and above this, systems solutions based on conveyor equipment using these products are being implemented for a large number of end users across various different industries. In the field of curved conveyor equipment, the company - which has a market share of over 50% - is a global leader.

In addition to its head office in Harsum, TRANSNORM also has manufacturing facilities in the USA, Great Britain and Malaysia, which means that globally active system manufacturers, for example, for distribution centres, airports or parcel and postal distribution centres, can be attended to and looked after in a reliable manner. With circa 550 employees worldwide, the TRANSNORM Group currently generates annual revenues of approximately 92 million euros.