Electrical swivel wheels from TRANSNORM – The high performance distribution solution for parcel and distribution centres

The TRANSNORM SmartSort® distribution solution with electrical swivel wheels

Whether it is as a line merging unit for feeding sorters in parcel distribution centres or as a flexibly configurable sorting line in distribution centres, SmartSort® distribution solutions from TRANSNORM are deployed in large numbers when it comes to distributing parcels in the higher capacity range of up to 7,000 units per hour. Apart from the proven solution with a centralised drive and pneumatic swivel bars, TRANSNORM is presenting its new electrical swivel drive which is also capable of handling this high level of performance at the CeMAT 2016 event in Hanover.

In both the roller functional conveyors as well as the SmartSort® line splitters, the new electrical swivel wheels are 100% compatible with the current conveyor equipment modules and solutions from TRANSNORM. Even subsequent retrofitting of existing conveyor equipment from pneumatic to electrical swivelling is possible with both ease and comfort.

SmartSort® distribution solutions can be configured as required with respect to the number and arrangement of the swivel bars and can therefore also be subsequently adapted to the respective application. The powerful centralised drive ensures high conveyance speeds with high energy efficiency and quiet operation at the same time. In addition, the electrical swivel rollers work almost without noise, which has a favourable impact on the health and performance of the employees in a distribution centre.

Typical applications include those in the field of packed and unpacked parcels with lengths of 100 – 1,400 mm, whereby the characteristics of the base of the goods may be extremely diverse. Therefore, even small cardboard boxes, transport pouches or goods wrapped and sealed in film can be transported and distributed with a high level of output and less clearance between successive items.

With the new electrical swivel bars, TRANSNORM has once again lived up to its reputation of being highly demanding with respect to the quality and performance capability of its conveyor equipment modules and it offers end customers and system integrators a purely electrically operated distribution solution that performs to the highest level.

The TRANSNORM Group is one of the leading global manufacturers of high performance modulesfor container and carton conveyor equipment, as well as for parcel and airport baggage handlingsystems. Over and above this, systems solutions based on conveyor equipment using theseproducts are being implemented for a large number of end users across various differentindustries. In the field of curved conveyor equipment, the company – which has a market share ofover 50% – is a global leader.

In addition to its head office in Harsum, TRANSNORM also has manufacturing facilities in the USA,Great Britain and Malaysia, which means that globally active system manufacturers, for example,for distribution centres, airports or parcel and postal distribution centres, can be attended to andlooked after in a reliable manner.

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