Transport in the right position at high speeds

Reliable and high-performance conveyor equipment is needed in the printing industry that is also compact and space-saving at the same time. In the process, downstream processing of printed products and transporting them in the right position at high speeds is absolutely necessary – especially if it involves transport in a curve. TRANSNORM has been a partner of the machine builders in the downstream printer processing sector for several years and has developed special solutions for the industry all over the world that demonstrate their quality and reliability.

Curve Conveying
Curve Conveying

Robust and Reliable - TRANSNORM Belt Curve Conveyors

All around the globe, TRANSNORM Belt Curves prove their performance and reliability day after day in numerous intralogistics applications and across the most diverse industries.Whether it involves the transport of bins, cardboard boxes or parcels, our belt curves ensure a gentle change of direction in the right position. This is also the case for transport at high conveyor speeds.The holistic construction concept of the TRANSNORM belt curve conveyors provides the best-in-class values in terms of energy consumption, smoothness in running and maintenance-friendliness. The results are particularly low life cycle costs and a high level of efficiency.

TRANSNORM Belt Curve Conveyors provide the following benefits

  • Best-in-class in performance, reliability, energy consumption and maintenance-friendliness
  • Robust construction with low self-weight
  • Optimised in terms of weight, space and installation
  • Ease of integration in new and existing handling systems
  • Patented belt guiding system and conical drums for maximum reliability and smoothness in running
  • Low-tension conveyor belt drive across the entire width of the belt enables extremely long times of deployment

Performance data* of TRANSNORM Belt Curve Conveyors

Conveyor Speed (CL)up to 2,5 m/sup to 500 FPM 
Weight laodup to 90 kgup to 200 lb
Inner radius300 ... 900 mm8" ... 35,4"
Nominal width300 ... 700 mmup to 27,5"
Conveyor angleup to 180°up to 180°
Conveyor heightmin. 170 mmmin. 6.7"

* Sizes other than these specifications are available on request

Horizontal/gradient conveying (Belts)
Horizontal/gradient conveying (Belts)

High conveying speeds and careful handling with exemplary running smoothness

TRANSNORM standard Belt Conveyors are deployed in merging lines of Intralogistics systems. They are also characterised by high conveyor speeds based on smooth running and low wear and tear during operation. You can implement extremely powerful belt conveyor systems by using conveyor systems of up to 30,000 mm as well as by applying options such as conveyor gates or kink points for overcoming differences in height.

TRANSNORM Belt Conveyors provide the following benefits

  • Low noise development even at high speeds of conveyance
  • Particularly gentle product handling with sensitive goods for transport
  • No slippage between the goods being conveyed and the transport level
  • Adaptation is exact to the millimetre in the running of the system
  • Modular design comprising standardised assemblies and therefore a high level of flexibility for subsequent adaptations
  • Low maintenance
  • Drive pulley with wear-proof friction cover

Performance data of TRANSNORM Celt Conveyor for Intralogistics applications

Conveyor speedup to 2.0 m/sup to 400 FPM
Weight load up to 50 kg/m up to 34 lbs/ft
Nominal width up to 1,000 mmup to 40"
Conveyor length up to 30,000 mm up to 1,180"



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