TRANSNORM Singulation Concept (TSC) A proven smart solution delivering increased automation
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TRANSNORM Singulation Concept

Key Features and Benefits

  • Largest coverage of the parcel load spectrum
  • Accurately singulates envelopes and small, light ePackets from the Far East
  • High degree of singulation performance (98%)
  • Reliable operation reducing parcel damage
  • Standardized TRANSNORM modules – easily serviced
  • Highly adaptable layouts dependent on site properties
  • Reduces complexity and command controls
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership including installation

TSC - in Detail

Market Demands

Market Demands

Parcel throughput volumes are rising, next day delivery and exponential growth in global e-commerce has led to high competition in the Parcel sector.  With global parcel market revenue, now exceeding $200 billion annually – Posts seek optimal, efficient operation at sites and a drive towards increased automation.

Our Solution

Our Solution

TRANSNORM Singulation Concept (TSC) was born out from the clear inefficiencies in manually unloading parcels piece by piece from trailers in high volumes. TSC means that time-saving, bulk 3D unloading becomes a reality.  Following this, the necessity to separate the parcels is clear – automated separation through innovative TRANSNORM modules satisfies the necessity, complementing and fully maximising high capacity sorters by fulfilling the single-file parcel flow criteria.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Cascading parcels are separated from clusters using a waterfall principle, spreading multiple parcels, originally either side-by-side or mounted on top of one another into single file alignment.  Queuing with defined gaps is fully facilitated meaning DWS equipment can then detect and identify parcels before onward high speed handling ahead of sorting.

TSC covers unloading, linesplitting, merging, alignment, timing and loading functions.  These modules are scalable and standardised.  No complex software or controls are required with adjacent modules work in harmony.

What layouts are possible?

What layouts are possible?

The adaptable, scalable TSC portfolio enables multiple layouts dependent on the throughput requirements and space available within the facility.

The Outcome

The Outcome

What was previously a time and labour intensive process not suitable for major Post and Parcel players is instead a smart combination solution which increases automation making a real-world difference in terms of productivity and efficiency.

Function Overview

News and References

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Honeywell schliesst Akquisition von TRANSNORM ab

Übernahme stärkt das Lagerautomatisierungsportfolio von Honeywell und positioniert das Unternehmen für den wachsenden europäischen E-Commerce-Markt. ...

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