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Spare Parts
Spare Parts

The best choice for spare parts: The original 

All components are perfectly matched to one another within a conveyor. Do not take any risks: The wrong parts could ruin the functionality of the conveyor and cause extensive damage. With original spare parts TRANSNORM guarantees optimal performance and the longest service life of your conveyor.

Separate spare parts recommendation:

In order to minimise down times, we recommend that you stock im-portant spare parts. This is why we have compiled a spare parts list for every TRANSNORM conveyor and integrated it in the documentation. Our specifications are based on decades of experience and use the mean levels of stress and wear as the basis.

Is your system exposed to unique levels of stress and wear? Whether it is down to extreme temperatures, a dusty environment or continuous operation, our experts are well-versed with the conditions and will be pleased to advise you. Coordinated with your specific requirements, we can compile a recommended spare parts list for you – simply talk to us.


Do you need a spare part urgently or indeed even immediate-ly? On request, we can produce a belt in just three hours and have it dispatched to you via Express Service. We also produce other parts very quickly – just get in touch with us.


Save money and conserve resources:

TRANSNORM Repair Service: Do we buy something new if our old model remains in good shape and only needs minor repair work? TRANSNORM offers you a repair service for belts and drums. How you benefit: You will save money as repairs generally cost less than a new part. Moreover, you will get a new warranty on repaired components.

Customer Service
Customer Service

Quick to arrive on-site:

the TRANSNORM Customer Service CopyTRANSNORM conveyors are particularly robust and require low maintenance. On the one hand, this is because we choose components of the highest quality. Meanwhile, on the other hand, it is because we primarily use maintenance-free components. Nonetheless, if you still need help, our specialists are there for you both where and when you need them.

Service Check:

Be on the safe side with the TRANSNORM Service Check. Our specialists can check your conveyor specifically for visible defects. Thereafter, you will know whether and when maintenance or repair is due. This means you can prevent failures in an optimal manner and reduce potential down times.


Regular maintenance work enhances the life expectancy of your conveyor – important to know: It should be carried out by experts and specialists. You can take advantage of our manufacturing competence for specific maintenance work. Alternatively, you can benefit from an assured maintenance contract. This involves us monitoring due dates for you and carrying out all of the necessary service work for you in time and on schedule.


Changing pulleys or rollers, replacing belts and adjusting sensors – several items of repair can be completed on-site. Make use of the technical competence of our experts as noone repairs TRANSNORM conveyors as quickly and routinely as we do. Simply call us and your system will be ready to use again within a short period of time.



Receive our expert knowledge in-houseConveyors of TRANSNORM are built based on the principle of making things as simple as possible. As a result, the majority of manual interventions can be carried out quickly and easily during maintenance and service.

Moreover, our training modules impart valuable know-how and practical tips. This is where your employees learn everything that they need in order to act promptly and routinely in case of a fault. Make use of the opportunity: Have your employees trained by our specialists – and benefit from our experience.

It can be at one of our training centres in the UK, Malaysia, the USA or Germany or on-site at your own premises. Choose for yourself where you would like us to train your employees. Let us know your preferred date for the training. We look forward to receiving your enquiry...


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