Parcel service providers worldwide place their trust in TRANSNORM

Whether it is a hot or dusty environment, they demonstrate their reliability under the most diverse conditions of use. In the process, the range of products stretches from curve belt conveyors to modules for vertical or horizontal distribution right up to alignment conveyors. Even the number of the respective TRANSNORM modules used is very different. There are small sorting and distribution centres with a performance of up to 2,000 parcels/hour where individual TRANSNORM belt curves are used. However, there are even mega hubs with a performance of more than 400,000 parcels/hour where over 5,000 TRANSNORM modules provide their services on a daily basis at one location.

The requirements of the industry in terms of performance and reliability are stringent. This not only requires good quality of delivery but also quick response times, high delivery reliability and the assured supply of spare parts worldwide.

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