Fraport AG: The least amount of time to reach the right flight.

Customer satisfaction is the most important goal of airlines worldwide. Apart from the in-flight services provided by airlines, efficient baggage handling is an important prerequisite for this purpose. At the Frankfurt Main Airport, Fraport AG operates a baggage handling system that transports the right baggage to the right flight. Apart from the container conveyor equipment, important aspects of the system include components and key elements such as the curve belt conveyor of TRANSNORM.

With almost 60 million passengers and 30 million pieces of baggage currently per year – ranging from suitcases to rucksacks - the Frankfurt airport is one of the three largest airports in Europe. As a service provider on the ground, Fraport is characterised here by numerous services, including the baggage handling equipment, which ultimately ensures that the passenger will receive his or her suitcase at the destination airport. Up to 115,000 pieces of baggage move each day – accommodated in transport containers – at the Frankfurt airport over an 80 km long baggage handling system. An important component of this system is belt conveyor equipment that is connected upstream with respect to the container handling system. This uses, among other things, the belt curves of TRANSNORM SYSTEM GmbH.  On the belt conveyors, the baggage crosses scanning stations and the necessary security checks before it is brought automatically to the other end into the containers of the baggage handling system. It is only this interaction of the container handling system and belt conveyor equipment that ensures quick and reliable baggage transport.

Reliable modules for a streamlined flow of baggage

In order to connect the route for the flight baggage containing several curves into a streamlined flow of baggage, you need fast-moving and reliable modules. TRANSNORM has specialised in the development and manufacture of high-performance modules for baggage handling systems for more than 40 years. The range of products includes, among other things, components and key elements such as curve belt conveyors, which withstand demanding climatic conditions like tropical heat, desert sand and high atmospheric humidity. The curved belt conveyors are the outcome of the constant and consistent pursuit of the needs of the operators and integrators of baggage handling systems. With the patented belt guidance equipment they are characterised by best-in-class values in terms of power consumption, smoothness in running and maintenance-friendliness.
Another important characteristic, which results from constructional or system-specific circumstances, is overcoming differences in height smoothly without having to reduce the speed of transport. TRANSNORM contributes to this with its helix belt curves and through these inclines of up to a maximum of 18° they can be implemented to overcome differences in height. In doing so, mass-manufactured conveyor angles of up to 180° can be used. In this manner, for example, the incoming baggage, prior to it being received by the passengers in the baggage claim section, can be transported via helix curves from the lower level of the baggage handling system up to the level of the arrival halls.

Long service life of the belt curves as the key factor

For Stefan Weist, who is part of the central infrastructure management of Fraport AG and responsible for the area of baggage handling systems at the Frankfurt airport, beyond the technical features it is the subject of maintenance and spare parts availability that plays a significant role. "The best curve section is the one about which you hear nothing more after it has been commissioned - in other words, Fit and Forget." This is particularly true if the installation conditions make access difficult. Nonetheless, if maintenance should still be necessary, despite the long service life of the belt curves, we have the key components in stock in our spare parts depot."
The belt curves of TRANSNORM do not only have to be integrated in complex baggage handling systems at the time of project planning. Even subsequent installation in existing baggage handling systems, just as in the case of modernisation projects or for the purpose of extensions or enhancing the throughput performance, is easily possible with clearly specified interfaces to the adjacent conveyor equipment.

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