TS-UPGRADE: Quick-Release for the belt curves of the TS1500-100 type (1970 - 1999)

Many of the belt curves of the TS1500-100 type that were installed up until 1999 arestill in use today thanks to their quality and reliability. The belt curves underwent continuous advanced development and were improved upon on a constant basis. With the type TS1600, a new quick change system for the belt edge holder was launched that simplifies the belt changing operation substantially and radically reduces the time for replacing the belt.

Thanks to the TS-UPGRADE and the Quick-Release mechanism that can be retrofitted, we can now offer the same benefits to you for the TS1500-100:

  • Simple: Loosen and close the belt edge holder without the need for any tools
  • Safe: Holders remain installed. Errors during installation and adjustment are not possible. There is no risk of causing confusion with parts.
  • Super-fast: Reduction by up to 75% in the time taken for belt replacement
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