Reliable and powerful modules for baggage handling systems Made by TRANSNORM

Zuverlässige und Leistungsstarke Module für Gepäckförderanlagen Made by TRANSNORM

Efficient baggage handling is once again a key factor when it comes to the satisfaction of the passengers and the cost-effective operation of airports.

Issues such as self-bag drop and ever more demanding security and safety requirements are the technology drivers in the field of baggage handling equipment at airports throughout the world. In the process, the efficiency of an overall system is also always decisively dependent on the performance capability and reliability of its key components.

The TRANSNORM brand name and reputation reflects all success factors in modern baggage handling systems including energy efficiency, reliability, ease of maintenance and serviceability, compact and robust design, as well as the overall ease of integration. With more than 100,000 modules installed at over 300 airports worldwide, including every airport currently ranked in the world’s Top 30, TRANSNORM relies on 45 years of experience in the field of conveyor technology for baggage handling systems.

This is how TRANSNORM modules demonstrate their reliability all over the world, day after day. Whether it is a TRANSNORM belt curve in a main route at London Heathrow that has been running for 21 years without the need for any replacements of parts or belt curves being deployed under the special requirements of the sea climate of Dubai, it is all about the availability and the efficient and economic operation of the overall system.

During the airport show in Dubai, you will have the opportunity to get a better idea and clearer impression of the performance capability of the TRANSNORM modules at the German pavilion.

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