Global Excellence for Airports presented by TRANSNORM at the InterAirport in Munich

With an installed base of over one hundred thousand conveyors, TRANSNORM is a leading provider of key modules for baggage handling systems. In the process, the secret of its success is as subtle as it is simple: TRANSNORM listens to and hears what airport operators and integrators have to say. It has learned this way for more than forty years and uses this knowledge to bring about continuous improvement in its products. The outcome: More than 300 airports across the globe – among them the top thirty in the world – place their trust in TRANSNORM.

With the slogan Global Excellence for Airports TRANSNORM was showcasing the results of this long-term cooperation at the InterAirport Trade Fair in Munich. An example of this is the Global Airport Curve, which is the culmination of consistent and continuous orientation to the needs of the operators and integrators of baggage handling systems. The holistic construction concept combines the proven reliability of the TRANSNORM belt curves with the best-in-class values with respect to energy consumption, smoothness in running and maintenance-friendliness. Another example that was on display is the vertical splitter VertiSwitchTM which features a new drive and controller concept. This completely standardised splitter is very impressive with its rugged construction, modular design and the high level of dynamism of the swivel movements. And last but not least, TRANSNORM was exhibiting its angled belt conveyors, which have proven themselves in several applications, in a full belt design that is characterised not only by its low-friction and low-wear operation, but in particular by it consistently avoiding getting caught up by suitcase buckles, locks or straps.

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